Why Bunk Beds Need Safety Rails for Babies?

Using rails in your bunk bed is quite important. They protect kids from falling off and hurting themselves. There are lots of national regulations about guard rails on bunk beds and several helpful tips about how to utilize them for the little one. Let us take a look at a number of them. First off, guard rails are needed for children. Children do not always Know what is going to hurt them or they believe they are invincible and thus you need to protect them. Inform your child that the security rails are not a punishment but a security measure. Let them know that sometimes people roll their beds off in the middle of the night and the guard rails are there to protect them. Explain that sometimes Moms and Dads roll off their beds also, and that it will really hurt them if they products

Guard railings by law need to be less than 3.5 inches in the bed frame. The distance in between cannot be more than that or you have a higher risk of a kid getting caught between the bunk bed and the guard rail. You do not need to think about the space in case your kid is over 6 years old, national regulators suggest not letting a less than 6 year old kid on the Safe baby loft bed for bedroom. Older children are bigger and would not have the ability to fit between the rails.

The spaces in between the real railings, on the guard rail, should also not be more than 3.5 inches. If they are, just do not get the bunk bed. Occasionally retailers will try to market products that are obsolete. You want to bear in mind as the parent and customer of what you are purchasing, so print off the specific specifications for everything before going searching for bunk beds.

Guard rails also by legislation have to be put on each side of the top bunk. If the bunk bed is against the wall and connected to the true wall, then it is ok to just put on guard rail on the top bunk. It is also possible to set bunk bed guard rails on the bottom bunk if your kids are not very calm sleepers or are smaller. Manufacturers will sell the additional guard rails and so once you go to purchase one, just ask about ways to contact them for more guard rails for the bunk bed. Guard rails are essential to use. They can help stop a really serious injury. Use them on all of your bunk beds. Do not let playing around the bunk bed either. As a precaution, check the guard rails every evening. Just give a little tug to be certain that they are snug and are not coming off.