Liturgical Cycle A

In the City of Spice and Gold

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Cycle A

Advent & Christmas Season - Cycle A

The Great Flood 1st Sunday Advent

Winter Roses 2nd Sunday Advent

City of Benzoin 3rd Sunday Advent

Tree of Jesse 4th Sunday Advent

Christmas in Greccio Christmas

Christmas in the Rhineland Octave of Christmas

Bedouin Princess Epiphany

Letter to an Emperor Baptism of Our Lord

Sundays in Ordinary Time - Cycle A

Lamb of God 2nd Sunday

Seal Who Fished Men 3rd Sunday

Godfather Death 4th Sunday

St. Brigid of Kildare 5th Sunday

Michael the Fallen Angel 6th Sunday

St. Mary of Egypt 7th Sunday

Lenten Season - Cycle A

The Foolish Pilgrim Ash Wednesday

St. Patrick’s 3 Tests 1st Sunday Lent

Fire on Cold Mountain 2nd Sunday Lent

Miriam’s Well 3rd Sunday Lent

Light of Angels 4th Sunday Lent

Romany Lazarus 5th Sunday Lent

Door of the Dead 6th Sunday Lent

Easter Season - Cycle A

Two Pilgrim Friends Easter Sunday

The Carpenter’s Twin 2nd Sunday Easter

Perfect Joy 3rd Sunday Easter

Little Friend Coyote 4th Sunday Easter

The Sun Juggler 5th Sunday Easter

At the Great Gate 6th Sunday Easter

All Shall Be Well Ascension

Always the Winner 7th Sunday Easter

The Sparrows Pentecost Sunday

Andrei the Icon Painter Trinity Sunday

Waters of Paradise Corpus Christi Sunday

Sundays in Ordinary Time - Cycle A

Swelkie 12th Sunday

Angel of Life 13th Sunday

Juniper’s Foolishness 14th Sunday

Four Night Visitors 15th Sunday

Parable Maker 16th Sunday

The Limpet Bride 17th Sunday

Feeding the Many 18th Sunday

The Stonecutter 19th Sunday

The Spendthrift Wiseman 20th Sunday

St. Peter’s Bread 21st Sunday

St. Martin of Tours 22nd Sunday

Three Simple Hermits 23rd Sunday

St.Brigid’s Cloak 24th Sunday

Robbers of Monte Casale 25th Sunday

Three Archangels 26th Sunday

Hazan of Basra 27th Sunday

The Sweetest Sound 28th Sunday

The Poor Brahmin 29th Sunday

King David’s Harp 30th Sunday

Iroquois Star Maiden 31st Sunday

Fatimh the Spinner 32nd Sunday

King Solomon’s Wisdom 33rd Sunday

Martin the Cobbler 34th Sunday

END of the Liturgical Year

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