Guild of Sacred Storytelling

2017 Annual Retreat

October 31 - November 3

San Alfonso Retreat Center

Long Branch, NJ

The Guild of Sacred Storytelling was established in 1997.  The Guild meets annually every late October or early November somewhere in North America.  In 2016 -- Arizona, 2017 — New Jersey, 2018 -- Arizona.  

Membership is open to Master Storytellers.  The Guild Retreat is a five or six day event of storytelling and fellowship.

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For information on the Guild, email here.

On the New Jersey Shore for the 2015 retreat….

2015 retreat

Here we are in Tucson for the 2016 retreat…

Retreat Group-Tucson 2016

Participants for October 2017 on the Jersey Shore 

19 persons

Alfred (GA) tentative

Bev (WI) tentative

Bill (VA) registered

Bob C. (WI) tentative

Bob R. (TN) registered

Bob W. (MD) registered

Brian (ON) tentative

George (DE) tentative

Jim (NM) tentative

Judy (MO) tentative

Kathleen (TN) registered

Kelly (MD) registered

Luther (IA) tentative

Margaret Anne (VA) registered

Mary (NY) tentative

Pam (OR) tentative

Paula (IA) tentative

Ric (MO) registered

Terry (NM) tentative

Undecided: Chris (NY), Molly (ON)

Not attending this year:  Dennis (OR), Mike (IA), Micki (MD), 

Retreat Schedule

October 29 -November 3

Sunday night, October 29

Getting Started, Catching Up

Monday, October 30


9:30-10:30 am – Bob Wilhelm

Story as both a Visual and/or Verbal Art (Description in storytelling)

11-Noon  Kelly Wilhelm 

The Embroidery of Hungary (kits available if ordered in advance)


1:30-2:30 pm -  Bob Wilhelm

Stories about Prophets & Saints, Outcasts & Fools  (Characterization  in storytelling )

3:00 – 4:00pm Presentations/Time for us!

Free Time


Open Storytelling in the evening

Tuesday, October 31


9:30-10:30 am -  Bob Wilhelm

Storytelling as disciplined Craft & imaginative Spirituality (Dramatization  in storytelling)

11:00 – Noon  Pam Maben

Stories of Crossing the Threshold


1:30-2:30 pm -  Bob Wilhelm

Story’s prism for viewing Four Realms: Past, Present, Future, Eternity  (Plot in storytelling)

3:00 – 4:00 pm   Presentations/Time for us!

Free Time


Open Storytelling in the evening

Wednesday, November 1


Morning Guild Meeting


Free Time in the afternoon for excursions, naps, etc.


Open Storytelling in the evening

Thursday, November 2


9:30 – 10:30am  

The Role of the Storyteller During Troubled Times

Bob Wilhelm & Bill Arnold

11:00 – Noon

Presentations/Time for us!


1:30 – 3:30pm

Envisioning a Technological Future

Brian Hetherington


Open Storytelling in the evening

Friday, November 3


Farewells and departures

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